Roberto Crippa

Black / Transient

Roberto Crippa, Reverse
We Can Elude Control, DL / LP 

This impressive debut album of monstrous electroacoustic ooze lurches through the cold mud with a jackbooted miserabilism and a penchant for cruelty. Crippa structures much of his work around crawling rhythms that are gnarled as if through genetic mutation, and he injects the blank spaces with smouldering, mutilated noises imbued with the psychological horror of bloody scratches on a crime scene wall. With the exception of a curiously unwise synth melody on “Still”, Reverse maintains a thousand-yard stare as it trudges zombie-like towards oblivion; an approach exemplified by the relentless slog of distortion, grime and thud on the finale “Helix”.

Jim Haynes, The Wire Magazine, May 2014

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Live Documentation, 11th May 2014, Cafe Oto, London, Uk.


Roberto Crippa Entr'acte Mix

Untitled (May 2014)

01. Pure (Voice by Alexandra von Bolz’n), Mladost (Bleak, 2010)
02. Yves De Mey: Metrics (Opal Tapes, 2013)
03. Eric Holm: Ma°tinden (Subtext, 2014)
04. Joachim Nordwall: Psychic Broadcasting (Hospital Productions, 2013)
05. Emptyset: Ambika P3 – London, England 12.12.12 (Subtext, 2013)
06. Giovanni Fusco: Nevrosi (Creazioni Artistiche Musicali S.r.l., 2013)
07. Bellows: Untitled (Entr’acte, 2012)
08. Suum Cuique: Intonation (Modern Love, 2012)
09. Bolder: Sinking Cities (eMEGO, 2014)
10. Xavier Gargia: Mare Tranquillitatis (Radio France, 2008)
11. Beppu: Agnetic State (Other Ideas, 2014)
12. Koenraad Ecker: One Eye (Digitalis Recordings, 2014)
13. Opera Mort: Minral (Alter, 2014)
14. Gabriel Saloman: Adhere pt 7 (Miasmah, 2012)
15. Fis: CE Visions (Tri Angle, 2013)
16. Giuseppe Ielasi/Kassel Jaeger: Parallel (eMego, 2013)
17. The Body: Alone all the way (Rvng Intl, 2014)
18. Ron Morelli: Slow Drown (Hospital Productions, 2013)
19. Delroy Edwards: Untitled (The Death of Rave, 2014)
20. The Stranger: We Scarcely See Sunlight (Modern Love, 2013)
21. Trepaneringsritualen: Invocation (Kości Tapes, 2011)
22. Mark Wastell: Crimson (Kning Disk, 2007)



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We Can Elude Control

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