Roberto Crippa

Black / Transient

Roberto Crippa  (Solo)
Roberto Crippa + Erik Nyström + Lee Fraser

7th February 12:00–09:00pm
8th February 11:15–05:00pm
Free Entry

Goldsmiths University’s Great Hall
New Cross SE14 6NW

23 artists exploring the acoustics of the Great Hall via an unusual 8-speaker system.

Artists List and Schedule:

Saturday 7th
12:00 Tom Mudd
12:30 Nicholas Stuecklin (Varèse)
01:00 Matthew Baden-Powell
01:30 Ben Harper
02:15 Sandra Moo
03:00 Phil Julian
03:45 Scott Bowley
04:30 John Macedo
05:15 John Wall
06:00 Ingrid Munk Plum
06:30 Roberto Crippa / Erik Nyström / Lee Fraser
07:15 Roberto Crippa / Erik Nyström / Lee Fraser
08:00 Ian Stonehouse playing Éliane Radigue’s ‘Jetsun Mila’

Sunday 8th
11:15 Steph Horak/Tom Richards
12:00 Dávid Somló
12:45 Sam Hatchwell
01:30 Visa Kuoppala
02:15 TBC
03:00 Charles Céleste Hutchins
03:45 Greg White
04:30 Francine Perry


Unconscious Archives #16

Bruce mc Clure (USA) + Roberto Crippa (IT/UK)

Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Rd, London, E2 9EG
Doors 7.30pm | £6 advance, £8 on door
Strictly limited to 60 people!


Bruce mc Clure:

‘Bruce McClure’s film projector is a weapon. Its ammunition is raw light. Darkness is both its adversary and its matrix. Radiant blasts inflame the theatre of perception. The void retaliates. This is a cinema of thunder and light­en­ing.’ ­- OtherFilm

McClure forcefully employs the phenomena of visual flicker and the phasing of sound to create long form, trance like states of ‘ecstatic reverie’. Adapting the gate of the projector by inserting metal plates, and using alternating loops of flicker film, McClure deftly adjusts projector focus and lamp intensity to elicit physiological effects. Film loops double up as a pulsing optical soundtrack, which McClure modulates using guitar delay and distortion pedals to exact a polyrhythmic experience.

McClure has performed at major international festivals and venues including International Film Festival Rotterdam, OtherFilm, Australia, AV Festival, UK, Apparent Motion, San Francisco Cinematheque, Toronto International Film Festival, New York Film Festival’s Views of the Avant-Garde, Whitney Biennial, Walker Art Center, and Wexner Center for the Arts.

Image: Bruce mc Clure – Ventriloquent Agitator


“Untitled” a new piece commissioned by Ears Have Ears – Unexplored Territories in Sound, a radio show on Fbi Radio in Sydney, Australia.


“Secret Thirteen Mix 127” is an electrifying and well planned audio expedition over the imaginary array of clouds and isolated striking nature where even the smallest sound particle has a meaning and plays an important role in the whole complex and multi-layered mix’s context. It is a precisely balanced fusion of such experienced artists’ production as Emptyset, Valerio Tricoli, Kevin Drumm, Peder Mannerfelt, Helm or Shapednoise that opens new horizons for every contemporary/experimental electronic music seeker. Most of the tracks were released in the last decade on such Secret Thirteen’s beloved labels as Raster-Noton, Editions Mego, PAN, Subtext, Modal Analysis and similar respectable imprints that always present innovations, modernity and exclusive musical philosophy with every new release.”