Roberto Crippa

Black / Transient

Mix / Podcasts

Mix commissioned by PNEUMA DOR, Leipzig.


Astor – “Out” and “Inland”. Kye, 2013
Koenraad Ecker – “Shadow Puppets”. LINE, 2015
Kreng – “Anger”. Miasmah, 2015
Lee Fraser – “Thews and Limbs (III)”. Entr’acte, 2014
Sendai – “Antijupiter”. Archives Intérieures , 2014
Lorenzo Senni – “BurgerKing BurgerDreams”. Presto!?, 2010
Kerridge – “MPH”. Contort, 2015
Peder Mannerfelt – “Serpant And Cross Modulated Oscillator”. PM, 2014
Shapednoise – “As Others See Us”. Hospital Productions, 2013
Caterina Barbieri – “Undular”. Cassauna, 2014
André Kronert – “D.N.A.”. Stockholm LTD, 2014
Shelley Parker – “Noise Floor”. Structure, 2014
Seth Nehil – “Blade”. Draft, 2013
Exoteric Continent – “Referèndum”. Second Sleep, 2014
Nicholas Bullen – “Element Configuration III”. Type, 2013
Trepaneringsritualen – “The Blood Of The New Covenant”. Small Doses, 2011
Leyland Kirby – “Night Owls”. History Always Favours the Winners, 2014
Wanda Group – “Homocomputer (You Inside Terrain Edit)“. Umbro G, 2012


“Untitled” a new piece commissioned by Ears Have Ears – Unexplored Territories in Sound, a radio show on Fbi Radio in Sydney, Australia.


“Secret Thirteen Mix 127” is an electrifying and well planned audio expedition over the imaginary array of clouds and isolated striking nature where even the smallest sound particle has a meaning and plays an important role in the whole complex and multi-layered mix’s context. It is a precisely balanced fusion of such experienced artists’ production as Emptyset, Valerio Tricoli, Kevin Drumm, Peder Mannerfelt, Helm or Shapednoise that opens new horizons for every contemporary/experimental electronic music seeker. Most of the tracks were released in the last decade on such Secret Thirteen’s beloved labels as Raster-Noton, Editions Mego, PAN, Subtext, Modal Analysis and similar respectable imprints that always present innovations, modernity and exclusive musical philosophy with every new release.”


Roberto Crippa Entr'acte Mix

Untitled (May 2014)

01. Pure (Voice by Alexandra von Bolz’n), Mladost (Bleak, 2010)
02. Yves De Mey: Metrics (Opal Tapes, 2013)
03. Eric Holm: Ma°tinden (Subtext, 2014)
04. Joachim Nordwall: Psychic Broadcasting (Hospital Productions, 2013)
05. Emptyset: Ambika P3 – London, England 12.12.12 (Subtext, 2013)
06. Giovanni Fusco: Nevrosi (Creazioni Artistiche Musicali S.r.l., 2013)
07. Bellows: Untitled (Entr’acte, 2012)
08. Suum Cuique: Intonation (Modern Love, 2012)
09. Bolder: Sinking Cities (eMEGO, 2014)
10. Xavier Gargia: Mare Tranquillitatis (Radio France, 2008)
11. Beppu: Agnetic State (Other Ideas, 2014)
12. Koenraad Ecker: One Eye (Digitalis Recordings, 2014)
13. Opera Mort: Minral (Alter, 2014)
14. Gabriel Saloman: Adhere pt 7 (Miasmah, 2012)
15. Fis: CE Visions (Tri Angle, 2013)
16. Giuseppe Ielasi/Kassel Jaeger: Parallel (eMego, 2013)
17. The Body: Alone all the way (Rvng Intl, 2014)
18. Ron Morelli: Slow Drown (Hospital Productions, 2013)
19. Delroy Edwards: Untitled (The Death of Rave, 2014)
20. The Stranger: We Scarcely See Sunlight (Modern Love, 2013)
21. Trepaneringsritualen: Invocation (Kości Tapes, 2011)
22. Mark Wastell: Crimson (Kning Disk, 2007)